Saturday, November 4, 2017

New Jersey Grown Cotton

New Jersey Grown Cotton

It seems odd to say, "New Jersey Grown Cotton." When thinking of cotton I feel certain that most people think of the south and southwest. On my trip last winter to the southwest (I know I reference that trip often but it was just so amazing!) I passed field after field of cotton in Texas with huge bales of cotton ready to be shipped.

I got the idea to grow cotton when I started to dry flowers more seriously. I thought to myself what a neat compliment to the other flowers I dry.

Then I just needed to figure out how to do it.

Where do they sell seeds in the quantity I need. No I did not need seeds by the ton.

And then how do I get cotton to grow in New Jersey....well....grow well.  Last year was my first year growing it and it worked! This year I tried a few new things. Experimented a little more.  I joked with a visitor who was checking out the plants in the field that my life is like one giant science fair project...mostly because I thrive on the challenge, anticipation, and excitement of growing new things!

So you know me...I did a photo shoot of this year's cotton.

White cotton and this caramel camel colored variety.....

Pictured above are the stages of cotton: Left is where the cotton has been removed, next full cotton balls, just barely opened, and fully closed before they open. 

caramel camel colored cotton
notice how the camel colored pods are green where as the white cotton they are red

cotton + purple farmstand

me + some giant cotton stems


  1. Good luck in your endeavors! Have you ever heard of cotton being grown anywhere else in NJ at any time? A friend of mine says that's how Browns Mills got its name, but I lived there for 30 years and was part of the Historical society. Never heard that.

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