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example of a $20 box: broccoli, bok choi, sweet potatoes, apples, spaghetti squash, tomatoes, peppers 

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Please note: All purchases are made Monday - Wednesday

What is a buying club?
A Buying Club is an opportunity for you to get farm fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers of your choice delivered to your home, work, place of fitness, or you can come pick up at the farm.

Check out this article in Modern Farmer Magazine about Farming and Crossfit: Farm-to-Gym Movement

Why Choose Us: 
Appeal: We are the farmer. 90% of what is offered each week we grow...and guess what, most of the items are picked the day of delivery! Items that we can not grow based on location and soil type like blueberries and cranberries we source from spectacular local farmer friends.   

You have the option to build your own box by selecting individual items or you can select a box that we assemble based on what is available that week. 

Access: delivery, pick up on farm, & pick up at tailgate market

Affordability: No payment up front for an entire season (unless you want to) and no commitment to buy each week

Satisfaction guarantee! Your happiness is the most important thing to us. If something isn't just right call or email and we'll make it right!

example of a $20 box: cut flowers, tomatoes, celery, husk cherries, peaches, eggplant 

How our Buying Club works:
  1. You join our email list - Click here to join.
  2. Each week you receive an email on Monday with a link to our online store.
  3. You pick out only what you want and pay via your credit card (Secure Net) or paypal - super easy!  
  4. All purchases must be made by Wednesday.   
  5. We deliver to your gym or doorstep on a designated delivery day. 
Box Options:
$25 Unconventional  Box
· A selection of vegetables naturally grown
· No fruit
$20 Mixed Box
· A selection of Vegetables naturally grown and the Integrated Pest Management program
· Fruit included most weeks (strawberries, peaches, nectarines, melons, apples, cranberries, blueberries, etc.)
1 month subscription Unconventional (4 weeks)
·  $95
1 month subscription Mixed (4 weeks)
·  $75
Build Your Own Box
· We give you the power to choose what you’d like and the quantity

fruit & flower box example

Delivery and Pick Up Options: 

Delivery to Gym, Yoga studio, or Work: No delivery fee but orders must be greater than $5

Delivery to Home: Delivery fee of $4.99 and orders must be greater than $10

Deliveries greater than 20 miles from the farm:  By arrangement please email us at 

Pick-up: Boxes can be picked up on the farm and at all of the tailgate farmers' markets we attend.  There is no charge or minimum order.  

Days to Know: 
Friday Delivery: Pennsauken, Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel, Medford, Southampton,

Thursday: On-Farm Pick Up 4:30-6:30

Monday Delivery: McGuire Air force Base, Columbus, Cream Ridge, Hamilton, Burlington, Jackson

best practices for storing all of your fruits and veggies is listed under the "What we Grow" tab


  1. Rosalita! This website is amazing. I recently got out of the broadline foodservice industry and focus solely on produce now. I work for a nationally recognized company and reference your blog and website more than any of my own resources. I am constantly checking it out for new ideas and applications to consult to my Chefs and other clients. Please keep sharing your wealth of knowledge and passion! Hope to talk with you soon.

  2. Thanks Graeme! So excited that you're selling produce now! I hope you're enjoying it! Any questions at all...just give me a call!

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