Sunday, December 21, 2014


pastured chickens

In a newspaper article from many years ago (try 22) there's a picture of my mom with me perched on her hip. In the caption she said that I loved chickens. So I guess it's fate that I am now the proud caretaker of a fine flock of chickens.

Last Friday I inherited an existing egg production operation with the goal of taking it to the next level and having a nice addition to the fruit and vegetables we offer.  Farming is an incredible gift and a unique one at that. While farming is usually a solid "in place" sort of thing it's also very liquid in that it can have a life after it's original start. Our peach orchard is a great example of this as well as my newly acquired feathered friends.

The chickens will actually be staying at the home and I will be learning under the incredibly kind and smart guidance of Bill who started the egg operation 12 years ago.

There are Red Star, Araucana, and While Leghorn chickens (....oh and 1 black chicken named Crow) working to give us brown, blue/green, and white eggs. So fancy.

And as far as packaging goes you can pick up Mixed (all colors), All Brown, All Blue/Green, and All White.  I am adding a "mixed" dozen to the mix because I think it's fun to get a surprise.  Too few things in life are a surprise these days.    

And here's all the great stuff about these eggs....
Free Range
Grass Fed
Cage Free
Insecticide Free
Antibiotic Free

eggs in nesting boxes

freshly cleaned Araucana and Mixed eggs

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  1. Congrats on the new egg operation! Your hens look might happy :)


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