Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Life Lived and "Four Seasons from Farm to Table"

A beautiful dedication from New Jersey Fresh Four Seasons from Farm to Table by Rachel Weston

I have said before one of the greatest joys and highlights of being a farmer is getting to meet and interact with so many inspiring people. Not to mention the people who I have met through other people.  Through the inter-workings of conversations and recommendations I came to know (only by phone and email until very recently) Rachel Weston.

Rachel is writer, turned chef, turned educator, turned food writer turned author.

Now that is a life lived. I have a fascination with asking the people I meet what they do and how they got to where they are. I just love the story....

People, often say things to me like, "Oh in my next life I'm going to be a farmer."

I say..."How about this life?"

Or they say, "I'm so jealous! You live a great life."

I say (most of the time to myself)...."Aren't you living a life to be jealous of too?"

And if you're not, change it. Not a week from now or 10 years from now. Now. Ok, realistically I know that might not be completely possible...bills have to get paid.  But each day you can do 1 little thing that brings you closer to people telling you, "I'm so jealous.  You live a great life."

One of the items on my vast "life to do list" is to write a book...but for right now I'm just so honored to included in one. When Rachel approached me about being part of her book I felt so honored that she would think of me for her project. So much heart and energy went into her creation...and it is just beautiful. I love everything about her book. It's size, the black and white photos, the color photos, all of the great information....

It's just handy. And that's the point. It's a book for your farmers' market bag. Unsure of how to prepare an item? Fear not...just crack open this book.

So, go check it out. You can order it on Amazon.

And let's celebrate a life well lived. Good food and good times with those life MVP's . A fulfilled existence and to all of us finding our "great life" no matter what that may be.

and behind the scenes by assistant (Benjamin) was making sure things were just right for my photo shoot



  1. What an inspiring post! I am going to do just one small thing each day towards the goal of living a great life. Thanks.

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