Sunday, March 24, 2019

Flower Field Days - 3 Hands On Classes

Check Out The Classes: HERE

In the past few years we have had quite a few people either come to work for us, express interest in eventually working for us, or reaching out with a number of questions after having taken an online class or reading a book.

They definitely have a solid start as the online classes out there are incredibly well done. However there are two problems with online: 1. it's very easy to learn from the comfort of your couch in a climate controlled room and 2. it doesn't help with local sources of where to get the best stuff at the best price.

So I created a 3 class series where you can come to 1, or 2, or all 3 if you'd like and get your hands dirty (or if it's raining maybe a little muddy) and dive in to where to source things plugs, potting soil, design supplies, etc.

So the first two classes: Seeding and Transplanting and Harvesting, Mixed Bouquets and Sales Outlets are outdoor, rain or shine days. The third class option will be held inside in the comfort of air conditioning and in a bug free environment.

And now for a few details about each class:

Seeding and Transplanting: My mom will be joining us in the morning to talk all things greenhouse. She has over 30 years of commercial greenhouse production and has managed beyond 30,000 square feet of greenhouse space once upon a time. It's her domain and if you have a greenhouse question I feel pretty confident saying she has the answer. We rent greenhouse space off the farm so we will not be inside an actual greenhouse. We'll bring trays, soil, and other supplies to the farm to work with. In the afternoon we'll into field transplanting where we'll look at Black landscape fabric vs. black plastic, burn some holes, and put down black landscape fabric.

Harvesting, Mixed Bouquets, and Sales Outlets: In the morning we'll pick all of the flowers we need for our afternoon mixed bouquets. We'll go over what to pick, what not to pick, how to properly bunch and tie bunches. In the afternoon we'll break up into groups and make some mixed bouquets followed by a Q and A about sales outlets.

Hand Tied Bouquet and Centerpiece (This class is for anyone who loves flowers! No professional aspirations needed): In the morning we'll go over a few different types of bouquets and tools used to make them. Each guest will then make a hand tied bouquet to take home. In the afternoon we'll repeat just with centerpieces. You'll get to take home your centerpiece and vase as well.

These classes are meant to be fun and for people who are interested in flowers in general, gardening, or working toward professional cut flower production. This is NOT for experienced flower folks unless you're strictly a grower and want to dabble in design...then sure! join us for the design class. On the other side of that if you're a florist and are interested in growing flowers then come on down to 1 or both of the first two classes.

Come to class ready to take notes and make new friends. Super excited to meet you! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Land of Enchantment

My birthday happens to fall at the beginning of busy and the end of sleeping in on Saturdays as the farming season gears up. Before March 17th there's been some seeding but not a ton since we don't do any indoor growing. The work is still enough to where "to do" lists actually get done.


Basically it is the last possible chance I had for a little get away.

Two years I ago I road tripped through New Mexico on my way from Phoenix, Arizona to Austin, Texas and I felt like I needed more time there.

Their licence plate slogan is the "land of enchantment" which I think is right on.

It's striking and vast.

It's where a beautiful blend of Native, Hispanic, and Anglo ways merge to create culture, culture, culture!

Strangely enough I think the highlight of my trip was stumbling a upon a flea market in Albuquerque and getting fruita picada (chopped fruit with chamoy, taji, lime and valentina hot sauce) and totally shocking the girl making it by speaking to her in Spanish.  Why was that the highlight...well it was real. Real people doing what they do on a Sunday...gathering at the market to shop, catch up, and listen to music.

Fruita Picada

I'm not into tourist type experiences and avoiding "tourist type experiences" in Santa Fe takes quite a bit of research and talking to people (like the guy working in Trader Joe's who I cornered until he divulged the best place to get real tacos).

Speaking of NEW Mexican food (it's not Mexican food...different thing! and people in New Mexico will correct you!) I seized the opportunity to eat New Mexican Hatch Chiles at pretty much every meal.

Since my trip two years ago we have been growing Chiles (but we never call them "Hatch Chiles" as we are not in Hatch, NM) and they are loved be military folks who have been stationed in NM, anyone who has visited NM and occasionally I can persuade my fellow, less traveled New Jersian to try them.  But seriously you should try them because they are so damn good. There's a reason why they're the pride of an entire state!

And yes, I went to Meow Wolf. It's the world's most popular art exhibit.  The line to get in was literally INSANE. And why was it insane...well it was spring break in Texas. Fun fact for you...every single person in Texas (and I mean every single man left behind!) goes to New Mexico for spring break. Who knew? It took almost 2 hours to make it in. Meow Wolf is wild and should be experienced. It's art re-imagined. Everything is meant to be touched. What could be further from a classic art exhibit experience?

I also stopped at a Pistachio Farm which was fascinating. The MOST fascinating thing about the pistachio tree, to me at least, is that it doesn't reach full production until 20-25 years! Holy cow!!!! But you'll start getting some nuts at around 8 years. And these trees may be slow starters but can live up to 300 years. How incredible is that. McGinn's Pistachio farm was beautiful and had a super eye catching giant pistachio you could see from a distance. And even though they are literally in the middle of no where! They still had a constant crowd. Admirable!

From pistachio's I trekked to White Sands which was definitely really neat!  It was a weird day in that when I visited it was heavy on again off again rain storms so my trip was brief but still definitely worth stopping!

Taos....I was so ready to channel the spirit of the late great Georgia O'keefe. Sadly though everything I wanted to see was "closed" but opened Monday....but I did stop to make friends with these horses.

In addition to the flea market, the other highlight of the trip is that I did all of the things I desperately want to do regularly at home but have a hard time doing with only a 24 hour day. I worked out 4 days and went hiking the rest.  I ate breakfast.  I watched an entire movie. I slept until 7 AM. I got completely caught up on all wedding quotes and emails.


To me vacation is the prime time to work out, catch up and nourish myself.

Most importantly, post trip I feel recharged. I feel inspired.

And my final take away from the trip....

Sometimes (many times) it takes a trip to anywhere, in this case the "land of enchantment" to make home feel enchanting.

I'm ready for you Farm Season 2019!

mailboxes along the Turquoise Trail between Santa Fe and Albuquerque

I wanted those green cowgirl boots so badly!!!

Albuquerque, NM

Glitter Trash Can From Meow Wolf...I'm making a sparkle trash can for the farm!!!

Meow Wolf mural

Friday, February 8, 2019

2019 Market CSA Enrollment Open and a Note on Getting Creative!

I had the chance right before Christmas to go to a goal setting workshop hosted by one of my farmers market customers.

Through out her goal workshop we were asked to pull out our theme for 2019 from what we had written down.

For me creatively is the word that kept coming up.

So 2019 you are the year of Creativity (and if you were curious also the year of the pig).

Last year was a violent weather year. The farm flooded 3 times to the point where the irrigation (lay flat as it's called) was floating on the water. Crops were completely submerged in water. We lost a large portion of our tomato crop and almost all of our peppers.

So when you have a more limited offering how do you keep your beloved customers excited for the next season? This is a question I rolled around prior to opening up enrollment for 2019.

You get creative.

I've been compiling a list of creative things to bring you fresh inspiration, interest and excitement around being part of our Market CSA.

So here's a few things we're working on:

More recipes. I have put together quite a few recipes over the years but there's a need for more. Especially on those harder to tackle items like escarole for example. I love escarole and I know you will too if you give it a try.

Partnering with other vendors we love to have a few more things for you to pick up at the farmstand.

Creating an interesting new flower concept.

And trying to be more diverse in our offering by trying our very best to have beans this year (sadly deer love green beans as much as I do), more melon options, and a goal of having summer squash/zucchini available each week in August and September.

Showing you more of the farm via video clips on the blog and instagram stories.

And a few other treats you'll be getting delivered to your inboxes.

Interested in getting in on the fresh and fun food?

Click the link to join the Market CSA: HERE

Questions? Please email: