Friday, November 10, 2017

Holiday Wreath and Fruit Block Classes Now Posted!

fruit block on the best yellow door on earth!
We had so much fun at our dried wreath classes that I'm just beside myself with excitement for the evergreen wreath and fruit block classes. 

Check out Fruit Block and Evergreen Wreath Class Dates: HERE

You can also pre-order one of these: HERE

Or you can come shop at the Purple Farmstand post Thanksgiving! 

Holiday music will be playing, beverage and light snacks will be provided. 
Class limit is 6 per class so everyone gets the attention they deserve! 

evergreen wreath sample

Fruit Block Class: 

SO first what in the world is a fruit block? How long will it last? Will fruit rot on my door causing me a mess and distress? 

Valid questions....

A fruit block is something I came up with some inspiration from Colonial Williamsburg (never been there but thankfully instagram was helpful) and a desire to make something different. Everyone puts the same stuff on their why not give an option for something completely (i'm going to use one of my dad's often used words) rad!

Before I even saw the decorations of Colonial Williamsburg I saw a house on the way to the Hamilton Marketplace that had a Fruit Fan one year. I asked my mom about it and she brushed it off as the fruit must be fake. This was about 4 years ago. I never forgot that house or that fruit fan which led me, 4 years later, to explore and confirm that it was real fruit. Not everyone wants to drill holes in their home to support an extremely heavy fruit fan so I rolled the idea around in my mind until I pulled out the idea of the fruit block.


Come make one! I tested a few in the cooler at 50 degrees for a little over a month and it held up. Please understand if it's 70 degrees in December for a week it will break down more quickly but lets all hope that there very few if not any 70 degree days in December.

We will be using staple guns in this class.

Evergreen Class: 

We'll also have evergreen wreath classes where you'll hand tie a wreath with a number of different greens to add texture and interest. You can also include dried flowers, a big bow, and any other creative treats I dream up to add.

choice of circle wreath or square wreath

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fruit Runner Centerpiece Pre-Order Now Open!

So I was meandering the isles of the hardware store when I stopped in front of small pieces of wood. Just looking at them for a while....

Until bam! It hit me.

Hence the Fruit Runner was born.  I'm over the moon about them and think it's just such a unique way to accent your feast.

We are offering these for pre-order in Apple or Pear.

They will be available for pick at the Burlington County Farmers Market on November 18, Asbury Fresh Market on November 19 and at the Purple Farmstand Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before the big turkey feast. Farm stand hours will be 10 AM until Dark (about 5:15 PM)

The link to pre-order: HERE
{I will also make a few to have at the purple farmstand the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before thanksgiving}

Apple Fruit Runner: 

Pear Fruit Runner:

Saturday, November 4, 2017

New Jersey Grown Cotton

New Jersey Grown Cotton

It seems odd to say, "New Jersey Grown Cotton." When thinking of cotton I feel certain that most people think of the south and southwest. On my trip last winter to the southwest (I know I reference that trip often but it was just so amazing!) I passed field after field of cotton in Texas with huge bales of cotton ready to be shipped.

I got the idea to grow cotton when I started to dry flowers more seriously. I thought to myself what a neat compliment to the other flowers I dry.

Then I just needed to figure out how to do it.

Where do they sell seeds in the quantity I need. No I did not need seeds by the ton.

And then how do I get cotton to grow in New Jersey....well....grow well.  Last year was my first year growing it and it worked! This year I tried a few new things. Experimented a little more.  I joked with a visitor who was checking out the plants in the field that my life is like one giant science fair project...mostly because I thrive on the challenge, anticipation, and excitement of growing new things!

So you know me...I did a photo shoot of this year's cotton.

White cotton and this caramel camel colored variety.....

Pictured above are the stages of cotton: Left is where the cotton has been removed, next full cotton balls, just barely opened, and fully closed before they open. 

caramel camel colored cotton
notice how the camel colored pods are green where as the white cotton they are red

cotton + purple farmstand

me + some giant cotton stems