Sunday, September 17, 2017

Vegetable Photo Shoot September

september produce
I love the month of september. The frantic nature of peach season has ended. Summer produce is still lingering but the fall treats like apples are starting to grace us with their presence.

seeded watermelon

Pepper Post: Frying Pepper

Pepper Post 5: Frying Peppers

Frying peppers, also known as Cubanelles have a pleasing lime green color and sweetness. 

They are great for frying (obviously), stuffing and pickling. I am not much of a fan of bell peppers but I love these guys. They are more mild than bells and pair them with onions and cubanelles are a treat. 

Frying peppers can easily be confused with sweet banana peppers however frying peppers have a flat loaded bottom while banana peppers come to a point. 

frying peppers

Pepper Post: Banana Pepper

Pepper Post 6: Banana Peppers

I think they are one of the most beautiful peppers and the variety we grow is called Goddess which makes me love them even more. You can distinguish them by their pointed ends and a delicate yellow color.

The most common usage of banana peppers is picking them and using them to dress up a sandwich. They can also be used raw, stuffed, and fried much like a frying pepper.

banana peppers