Thursday, September 19, 2019

Fall Fruit Layflat: PawPaws, Quince, + Apples

pawpaws, quince, golden delicious apples AND our very fun pink fleshed apples

When I think of the bulk of the best sweet treats from the farm I think of summer: peaches, watermelon, berries, etc.

I wanted to show the fall a little love too by highlighting our fall fruits: apples, pawpaws, and quince.

The second two most people have never seen or eaten and the first is literally everywhere.

PawPaws are the nation's largest native fruit and are similiar to a banana in taste, and how it ripens. They also turn an appealing shade of black when they're really ripe. I said they tasted like bananas but really a cross between bananas and mangos with an avocado texture.

Quince are so beautiful. I just like the way they look! As far as taste they are a lemon tart. They are used to make quince paste, candied quince, mixed in as a companion to apples in Apple Pie and I recently saw a quince up-side down cake on pinterest. I'm intrigued and will probably be testing that recipe.


  1. I need to try a paw-paw soon!

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