Monday, March 18, 2013

The Earl of Lettuce

{Baby lettuce seeded 10 days ago}

The story of the Earl of Sandwich and how we came to know the sandwich was told to me by one of my elementary school teachers.  As I remember it, the Earl didn't want to get his hands dirty while gambling but the man was hungry so he asked that meat be placed between two slices of bread. This was something that he started doing regularly and it really caught on! I like the Earl's idea but if you're trying to limit the bread in your life - try using lettuce!  It will keep your hands clean and keep everything it holds in a neat little package!

Benefits of Lettuce:
High in Vitamin A, K, and C
Very low in calories compared to other greens

Here's Some Ideas:
  • Replace the tortilla with either head (iceberg type) or butterhead lettuce the next time you make tacos
  • Slice a cooked burger in half and position inside large lettuce leaf and fill with what ever other topping you want - pickles, tomatoes, peppers, mustard, mayo, etc.
  • Make it a true bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich by trying our Bunless BLT

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