Friday, May 10, 2013

Everything is Better Beet Colored

As I enjoy a hopped up crafty beer I think about how it is an acquired taste - much like beets are.  Many people's palates are turned upside-down by the likes of an Arrogant Bastard, Dogfish 90 minute IPA or Slumbrew's Flagraiser Double IPA.   

I hear so often that beets taste like dirt or they have too strong of a flavor.  There is some truth to this - beets have that earthy natural flavor and their own very distinct sweetness.  My feeling on the matter is that before you write a beet or anything for that matter off - try to tailor it to suit your palate by trying it a few ways.

As I was scanning the blogs I follow (while watching a movie and talking on the phone - who has time to do just one thing!) I came across a recipe for beet pesto - how could you say no that color!

{photo from Eat, Live, Run blog}

So I'd like to share this creation from the Eat, Live, Run blog:

Click for: Beet Pesto Recipe

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