Sunday, July 14, 2013

Occupation: Farmer

So...I quit my other full time job - my last day was Friday.  This was something I have dreamed of for years but really seriously mulled over it for the last 4 weeks.  Back and forth.  To do it or not to?  To say I agonized over the decision is an understatement....however, now that I did it...I can't help but smile. 

I smile at 5 AM when I'm driving to the field to pick.  I smile when I'm driving home from the field at 9:30 PM.  I imagine it's the blissful feeling all people have when they have found their passion.  I was exhausted trying to work two full time jobs.  I imagine I'll still be exhausted just farming - but I welcome it. 

Also I felt like I didn't have the appropriate amount of time to really dedicate to making the farm, my tent at tailgate markets, and the buying club what I really envisioned it to be...not to mention how am I to become the next Martha Stewart if I can't bring my vision to light?!? 

A few years ago I had a job on a farm that did/does a great deal of what they call Agri-tainment.  On my first day of work one of the owners said, "farming is a hobby...I do all of the rest of this stuff (non-farming agri-tourism/agri-tainment stuff) to make a living."  I cried about it the entire car ride home after work that day - I was disheartened. I was distressed.  And I had serious doubts about leaving my very comfortable job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep to pursue farming. 

I have been told repeatedly that there's no money in farming, it's such a hard life, or a plethora of other variations.  Well it is absolutely doubt about that.  However I plan to give every ounce of energy and every penny of capital I have saved to make it work. Will I need to work during the winter....absolutely.  But for now I am looking forward to being able to focus on bringing my wonderful customers the very best farm food I can.  Thank you for your support!

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