Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Question: What on Earth is this? Answer: Kohlrabi!


I think the Huffington Post nailed it when they did a segment called..."WTF, CSA Box!" These articles tackle those not-so-everyday items found in the CSA...or in this case Buying Club box. 

My idea for the Buying Club spawned from items like Kohlrabi.  I didn't like the idea of waste, confusion and frustration - so I gave you the power to choose.  To my surprise and delight I have actually had a number of people order Kohlrabi on their own! Hooray! 

And because I find it to be a super rad vegetable I also included it in all $15 and $25 boxes this week and last week.  Although Kolhrabi might not be around next week (thanks never ending rain!). It will be back in the fall like its cousins broccoli and cabbage!     

So what can you do with Kohlrabi....better question - what can't you do!

Kohlrabi needs to be peeled.  After that it can be:
Sliced like a cucumber for salads
Eaten raw with a little salt and pepper
French Fried

There are a bunch of links to recipes under the FitFarmer Recipe tab to help inspire you.  I will be making Kohlrabi pickles for the 4th of July - stay tuned for pickle pictures!

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