Monday, July 29, 2013

Sexy Neon....Peppers?

Indeed my friends....Sexy neon peppers! I'm kind of obsessed with these little guys for a few reason...
  1. Their delicate limoncello color is a show stopper and I get lots of questions about them
  2. From a production stand point these plants produce tons of peppers
  3. They have a great sweet, mild taste
I didn't realize two things when I planted them.  First being, that their color would be so mild...almost cream colored and that it would get your attention - which is weird because many of the items I choose to grow I do so to get your attention.  There are a lot of great farmers in this area.  And many of us grow relatively the same things.  I want to be your go to person for something a little different.  I want you to be like a kid on Christmas when you get your Buying Club box or when you see me at the farmers market. 

Here's a fun yellow pepper fact for you:
"A large yellow pepper provides a whopping 569 percent of the daily value of vitamin C."
That little tid bit was sourced from

Some ideas for these peppers:
Stuffed Peppers
Satueed with onions
A sexy addition to your Crudite' platter (aka veggie tray)
An ingrediant in salsa or cowboy caviar

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