Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Turn Up Your Turnip Use

I love Turnips!  I love that they are gorgeous and I love that they are an awesome potato substitute for those who are not potato eaters (or for those who just like to mix it up!).  I have been including these in some Buying Club boxes and taking them in limited quanitity to farmers' markets....they will be listed on the Buying Club store this week. 

In light of my gym starting a good ole' Paleo Challenge...I thought it would be fitting to put up this delish recipe for Turnip Hashbrowns.  If you are completely confused as to what on earth a "Paleo Challenge" is - it's a group of people who put in money, keep a food journal, add up points, and try to strictly follow the Paleo no white Potatoes!  Who ever has the most points and looks the best (Also Known As... "Eating Yourself Sexy") wins the money!

So here you go....

Turnip Hashbrowns:
3 turnips, grated
1 small onion, finely chopped
2 eggs
Season Salt
2 tbsp. of butter (or olive oil)
Sour Cream (optional for top)

Stir together grated turnips, onions, and egg.  Add pepper and season salt to taste.  Melt butter in hot frying pan.  Once hot, add spoonfuls of Hashbrowns into pan.  Cook until browned and crisp….the more crispy...the yummier they get! Nom! Nom!


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