Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thanksgiving 4 Week Countdown: Week 3

In order to really show off those awesome veggies you are going to're going to need a rock star status table stetting! Meow! So this week (Week 3) we will be covering one of my favorite topics and Pinterest searches: Table Settings.

For our Thanksgiving my Grandma always uses these really fun shabby chic antique pink and cream China dishware that belonged to some ancient relative.  We also joke and call her "Joan Stewart" because she starts setting the table and planning weeks (almost months) in advance.  She is also famous for freaking out if you put a ketchup bottle, water bottle, etc. on the table.  She positively thinks she's Martha around the holidays.

When it comes to setting the scene for dinner I think the most important thing is to have fun, be a little traditional in an nontraditional way, and not spend too much money.  Using "left over" pumpkins and gourds from Halloween is always a winning idea and it's still festive.  It's also fun to play around with candles and other household eggs for example.

Place Cards

Hard boil those eggs and then use them as place cards. This awesome photo 
below comes to use from Snippet & Ink.
Southern Weddings V6
 You can also get fancy with pumpkins, apples, pine cones, wine corks or good old fashioned card stock paper for place holders.  As place cards aren't a must...they are fun and add interest to the table.

I'm actually obsessed with the idea of using an artichoke...not so seasonal but at the very least one to keep in the back of your mind.  Especially exciting since I am planning to grow artichokes next season.
Leaf place cards

My Plan of Attack...
  • I will be using "to-go" jars of freshly canned cranberry sauce as "place cards." The jars also double as a party favor and a useful one at that! Each guest will be able to enjoy a little cranberry sauce with their left over turkey the next day.  Stay tuned for photos...I'll post them Thanksgiving night.  

Saying Thanks!

Since the day is about giving thanks there here are some cool ideas to express your gratitude:
#modernthanksgiving  My guests will be writing down things they are thankful for this year...
  • We are a big game family so here's my idea: Send out an email asking every one to answer the Question: What are you most Thankful for this Year?  If you want to get funny and make the game more thought provoking and say we know we're all thankful for family, our health, and roof over our something else.  Compile the list and have everyone guess who said what.  The person with the most answers correct gets a prize! 
My Plan of Attack...
  • I have a little blog post planned for this one.  
Plates, Napkins, and Table Clothes

  • I am a huge fan of using a sheet of black paper to cover the table and using chalk/white paint pen to write whatever feels right...and creative! 
Look at this stellar example via OMAvore Blog from Martha Stewart Living

  • I have been drinking from Mason Jars since I was young.  It would drive my mom crazy but if there wasn't a clean glass in the house...why not!  Now I do it even when there are clean's more fun.  I love what Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling did with the old school blue jars (you can find them at Wegmans or Ace Hardware).  Thanksgiving is normally so orange, yellow, red, and brown....why not break out the blue!
My Plan of Attack...
  • I haven't quite decided...I'm seriously considering a non-traditional color palette.  Hmmm...I guess you'll just have to check out my Thanksgiving Blog post! 
More inspiration can be found via our Pinterest Boards

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