Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving 4 Week Countdown: Week Of...

It has arrived....the week of Thanksgiving!
We picked for the last time today.  Tomorrow Buying Club boxes will be delivered and it will be our last farmers' market of the season at the Moorestown Farmers' Market Twilight Market. So crazy how fast this year went.   
I'm not going to lie...even though I am devistatingly sad that the season has ended I am pretty pumped for Thanksgiving dinner!
This is the week that you make that list and check it twice...your grocery list that is.  I did an inventory of what I already have and assembled my list of items I need to pick up tomorrow. 

One thing I am missing...booze! I think a little beverage responsibly consumed makes a nice touch to any gathering.  And if you really want to get fancy you can add garnishes, fancy straws....just no umbrellas - not seasonally appropriate...unless you are celebrating in Haiwii...then by all means!

Here's some festive beverage suggestions:
Cranberry, Orange and Apple Sangria
Apple and Champagne Sangria
Ginger, Apple and Bourbon
Cranberry Margarita
7 Cocktails Inspired by Thanksgiving Dinner

I will be posting pictures of our table display and food on the big day.  Stay tuned....

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