Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Shout Out from My Alma Mater

I was approached by a professor I had during my time at University of South Carolina about allowing one of her students to do a story on me. The class which the student was taking publishes the School of Journalism's Alumni magazine...Intercom.  I was really excited and loved my interview. 

On a funny note: when Joy called to interview me about the farm I was there, in field, covered in dirt, picking eggplant for tailgate markets.

Below is the article link and a big thank you to Ms. Sisk for thinking of me and to Joy for writing a very thoughtful story...and an even bigger thank you for choosing me for the cover! Terribly fun!  

I do have to make a small correction though...sadly we don't have 400 acres...only 40.  Man, with 400 acres I could get into all kinds of trouble!  I'd have cows roaming everywhere! And between pharmaceuticals and the farm I did sell craft beer...which ruined me and turned me into a raging beer snob!

That said...enjoy the article!

Link to Magazine: Intercom Magazine Fall 2013

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