Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Go Find a Farm

Happy National Ag Day my friends!

This is a picture I took on a farm in Michigan for a photography class project.  I called them on the phone and said I want to photograph your cows and I'll give you free prints of the photos I take.  See...visiting a real farm is just a phone call away.

There are a lot of articles, facts pages, and "did you know" posts floating around the internet in celebration of National Ag Day.  

While cruising around the internets this morning CNN's EATocracy page had a survey posted: 

How long has it been since you visited a farm?
  1. I'm on one now
  2. Within the past week
  3. Within the past month
  4. It's been a few months
  5. It's been a few years
  6. Not since I was a kid
  7. I've never been on a farm
  8. Other
This makes me wonder how many people around the country would answer #6 or #7.  

Which would then lead me to ask why not? 

Is it lack of knowing where to go?  Is it lack on interest?

If it's lack of interest that's just poor.  But if it's not knowing where to go...that's another story.  

Below is a list of links to help you find and connect with a farm near you!  Enjoy!  

Local Harvest  - This is such an awesome site! You type in you zip code and what you're looking for (beef, chicken, apples, etc.) and it gives you a list of farms

Real Time Farms - is a "crowd sourced nation wide food guide"

Eat LocalGrown - "created to help you find, rate, and share locally grown food." 

And lastly, your state department of Ag webpage is also a great resource.  
Here's NJ's - Jersey Fresh


  1. Nice pic Rose! look at that poor cow eating hay with all that great forage just on the other side of that portable fence. Chomp chomp!!!

    1. Thank you! This farm did rotational grazing type program so once the grass got to a certain point they'd move the cows. A few days after I visited those cows were loving life in that high grass!


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