Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rhubarb Pie

Last night I treated myself to my favorite dessert of all time...on this earth...ever!

It's got a sweet tangy-ness to it that is so pleasing. The pink stalks soften when cooked and make tender fork-fulls and cleaned plates.

Rhubarb pie.

No strawberries involved....just rhubarb pie. Why this isn't more popular I have no idea.  It's incredible and it's super easy.

I cheated a bit and bought pie crust.  Then I followed the ridiculously simple recipe in my Mom's ancient Better Homes Cookbook.  Just rhubarb, sugar, flour, a little butter and crust.  Bake 50 minutes.  Done.

If you've never tried rhubarb pie I highly recommend you tie on that apron and get baking!

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