Monday, September 15, 2014

The Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot of questions about why I started farming, where, how, when, etc.  

You might have the same burning questions so here's a list of the questions I get often and some answers....

What's your name? 

My Answer: My name is Rose, Rose Robson

How old are you? 
So many people think I'm older than I am...slightly depressing. 

My Answer: I am 27.

Do you work on the farm? 
At the farmers' market I get asked quite a bit if I work on the farm. It's not a crazy question since many farmers send hired help to the market while they're home farming.

My Answer: Yes, I own the business.

How did you get into farming? 
It's a really unique time in agriculture. There are so many 1st generation farmers now so people are curious how a young person would make their way into the industry.  

My Answer: I'm a fourth generation farmer. I left the farm and headed down to University of South Carolina for college and took a few jobs else where but farming is somewhat genetic. It will pull you home. I am also an only child and did not want something so special, to end with me.  I never thought I'd return to the farm until my dad passed away while I was in college...then it was the only thing I thought about.   

Why did you leave your job in medical sales to farm? 

My Answer: I was restless. I felt unfulfilled.  Yes, the money was good. I was comfortable but I knew very clearly that was not my calling in life.    

Did you grow this stuff in your garden/back yard?
I get this question very often.  I'm not sure if it's because of my age or what but it always makes me smile. 

My Answer: I farm on 40 acres.  3 acres of which are peaches. 

Do you work when it rains? 

My Answer: Yes! Rain or shine. Frigid cold or sweltering heat. 

How many days a week do you work or do you have to work today?
When I get asked this I am reminded how important it is to educate friends old and new about what it takes to grow the food we eat.

My Answer: I work 7 days a week from April until Thanksgiving.  No matter how tired I am I just think...I'm doing it. I'm doing what I want to do (Hell Yea!). And it keeps me going. Everything is perishable and time sensitive so things have to be done today because tomorrow it might be too late.  

Do you work on the weekends?

My Answer: Yes 

How many hours a day do you work? 
This depends a little bit on the time of year, weather it's peach season or not and how many hours of day light there are.  These hours also include the back work needed to run the buying club and other areas of the business.  

My Answer: 12-18 hours a day

What time do you get up in the morning? 

My Answer: It depends on what day of the week it is. Saturdays I always wake up at 4 AM. It's a big market day so it's important to get an early start. Most days I get up between 5 and 5:30.  I like to get to the farm between 6 and 7 AM.

How do you have to time to go to Crossfit?

My Answer: I don't have time. I make time. I love my gym and the people.  It's a good way to not only stay fit (so I can carry 75-90 lbs of peaches through the orchard and lug giant picking bins) but it keeps me from loosing my mind. 

What your favorite thing to grow? 
Such a tough question...there are so many things I love! 

My Answer: Top 5 - Peaches, beets, red butterhead lettuce, heirloom anything (tomatoes, melons, etc.), brussels sprouts, flowers, husk cherries...anything else totally out of the box! (I realize that was more than 5 but there's so many cool things to grow!) 

Least favorite thing to grow? 

My Answer: I don't really have a least favorite thing to grow but I do have least favorite things to pick....I hate picking strawberries the most closely followed by okra. 

As I get more questions I'll add to this post.  Stay tuned....


  1. YOU ARE AWESOME. WE APPRECIATE YOU AND YOUR STORY MUCH. Thank you for everything you bring to the community, on and off the plate.

  2. I have two more q's....what's ur fav season and why? What grueling job do u love to do on the farm that most people would not like to do?

    1. My favorite season is by far the fall. Things aren't as completely insane and I can enjoy what I'm doing even more. I also love eating fall vegetables the sprouts are in my top 10 favorite foods...not to mention I love everything pumpkin! As far as the grueling task...that's a tough one. I think most people agree some things are just not fun. I can't say that I love one task that most people don't like but I think about all of my work like this: I just have to do it...go for it and put my mind to finishing it no matter miserable it is. It'll be over before I know it and then I can go do something I like. Thanks for your questions!

  3. This was so inspiring! I'm 29 years old + saving money to start my own farm (I'd be a 1st generation farmer). I feel like it's hard to find other women in my age group that have such a passion for farming + agriculture, so I loved reading a bit more about you! Owning a farmer and doing what you love all by 27 is so inspiring!

    1. Thanks Caitlin! If you ever find yourself in NJ come visit. Interestingly women farm owners is a fast growing segment in agriculture so you are indeed in good company. Good luck!

  4. Do you no mrs. Hess

    1. From school last time at wensday and want is that picture of that punkein

  5. This has been a lot of fun to read Rose. We are really enjoying our boxes - it's like getting a surprise present every week - who wouldn't want that? Glad you are living your dream and carrying on the legacy of your Father and Grandfather.
    Best, Sharon


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