Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tis the Season to Gift

every year I put up my grandma's tree

Tis the season to think of others and thoughtfully gift. Each year I make at least one of my gifts. I relish a good craft project (I mean how could you not!).

I haven't quite figured out what I'm personally creating this year but I have compiled a solid list of places to find purchased gifts that are either farm/food related or do good with what they produce.

1. Robson's Farm Buying Club Gift Certificate

At the very top of our online store next to the word "My Account" is the Gift Certificate tab. These are good for 1 year from the day purchased.  Buying Club boxes make a great gift for those in your life who love to cook. "Gift boxes" for "get well's," "welcome to the neighborhood" and "thinking of you" are available 7 days a week (from June - November) with at least 48 notice. Delivery or Pick up.  You can also purchase a box or month subscription in their name to start in June.

a $25 "get well" box for an office member
2. Hudson Valley Seeds
This seed company was introduced to me by one of my farmers' market shoppers. She gifted me a packet and man, what a gift. Each seed packet is a work of art...literally. Seeds from here will make a fun stocking-stuffer for the gardener if your life.

3. A Kitchen Box
I love gifts that keep on giving and what better way to do that than a subscription to something fun?! A Kitchen Box subscription founders say, "Our mission is to build your kitchen confidence, encourage brilliant cooking, and inspire you to share… a recipe, a note, a meal.

4. Edible Jersey Magazine
Continuing with the idea of subscriptions.... Edible Jersey Magazine (and all of the Edible magazines) are beautifully done and a great way to connect with your local food system. You'll not only explore your great state though the articles, you'll get introduced to new people and places through the ads too.

5. MECHA Chocolate
For a stocking stuffer, hostess gift, or self gift chocolates from my friends Melissa and Chuck will be a winner.

6. Sackcloth & Ashes
At my amazing Crossfit gym we have a giving tree for a local charity. We also have a giving tree at my church. Taking a paper ornament with a Christmas gift/age group written on it is one of my favorite parts of the season. I noticed that both the gym tree and my church tree had multiple ornaments that said, "blanket."  So I launched in a full on internet/instagram (it's amazing what you can find on instagram!) and came across Sackcloth & Ashes. They donate one blanket to a homeless shelter for every blanket sold. Beautiful.

7. Give the Gift of Classes 
Each year I try to take at least one class...personal growth and development, if you will.  Yes, I was the kid that loved school and I still love to learn.  Stay tuned...I just might have some classes of my own for you to take in the near future but for now I'll list some other options.  Check out:
Delaware Local Food Exchange
Longwood Gardens
NOFA NJ Classes
Rutgers Gardening Classes

8. Give the Gift of Planning a Trip
By nature I am a wanderer. I love a good trip and since farming is my passion a farm related trip is right up my ally.  Add beer and some you're talking everyone's language!
Ohio PawPaw Festival
FarmAid Concert
Punkin' Chunkin'
National Heirloom Expo

I hope I have given you a little inspiration. 

Happy Gifting! 

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