Friday, February 13, 2015

Convention Season: PASA

This past weekend I attended the PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) Conference in College Park, PA. 

It is a pretty different conference than the MidAtlantic convention. Instead of giant equipment, nursery stock companies, and my beloved cider contest there is a diverse range of supplies for keeping and processing chickens, a large handful of organic fertilizer companies, and a huge (I mean massive) silent auction....oh and lots of yummy food! 

However the biggest difference in the PASA and the MidAtlantic is the average age of the attendees. It is a very young conference.  The average was probably around 30.   

I really liked being at the conference and feel like I took away a lot of interesting information. I have a bunch of fun ideas and hope that I can transition current practices to some new ones.  So stay tuned as the season starts to see some new things we're going to try to implement. 

And now for the pictures....

"Grow like a Boss"

seed exchange
baby fig trees
a fun silent auction item.  first question: do you know what kohlrabi looks like? All of our Buying Club members do! 
espresso + chocolate milk = heaven
tools designed for "groundbreaking women"
shrubs in every flavor
seeds with great packaging to get kids involved in the garden
another great sign posted on the conference walls
live plants for sale


  1. Thanks for sharing again Rose. Cool pics! I am soooooooooooo jealous. Those kids seed packets are pretty cool, the dino kale is perfect! did you start onions yet? I'm going to get some celery started this weekend.

  2. Onions are started! Finishing them up in the next few days and also starting celery, celeriac, and parsley. Beets in a few days too! Let the fun begin!

  3. Awesome. Im trying tango celery this year, johnny's carries it. I was not thinking about beets yet, but I got a packet of cylindras from baker creek...thanks for the heads up reminder. heck yea let the fun begin.

  4. Rose, we have enjoyed reading your blog! We were just reading a recipe that included celeriac "noodles" and am happy to see you are growing them. May we see them in the buying club boxes this season?! We are counting down the days until the season starts and are looking forward to enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor!

    -The Yannes'

    1. Bridget! First thing...I'm so sorry I'm late with my reply! Second celeriac is growing in the greenhouse as we speak. It's a super long season item so I started it a few weeks ago and then we'll harvest in October. I grew a little bit of it as an experiment last year and loved it! Can't wait to see you guys soon!


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