Monday, June 29, 2015

Beets + Goat Cheese + Craisins

bull's blood and chioggia beets

This is a very warm and hearty beet side dish that was quite the hit at my birthday party so I'll share it with you.  I am on a constant search for ways to love eating beets as much as I love growing them. Right around my birthday I found myself craving them...odd! So I once had a roommate who always said eat what your body craves...

So at my party I served up some sauteed beets with a little added flair.

beets ready for cooking

Sauteed Beets

1 bunch of beets (can be red, chioggia or golden)
1 hand full of walnuts
1 hand full of goat cheese
1 small hand full of cranberry raisins

(please excuse my very scientific measurements above...just do what feels right as far as amounts)

Remove the beet tops leaving 1 inch of the top attached to the beet, to prevent too much "bleeding" of the color. Boil until tender and easily pierced with a knife.

After the beets cool to the point you can handle them remove the skin.  Chop the beets and add to a pan with a little olive oil.  When beets start getting browned add the walnuts, goat cheese, and raisins.  Give it a good stir to combine all ingredients.  And then you're ready to dig in!

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