Monday, October 19, 2015

Buying Club to Market CSA

For the past 3 years I have put my energy into both the tailgate markets we attend and our home delivery service, the Buying Club. At this point to continue the Buying Club I would need to hire a driver and buy another truck for deliveries.

And that's just not what I want to do.

I love the face to face interaction of the farmers markets.  It's the highlight of my week hearing your stories and sharing ideas.  I often joke that I only go the markets for the social aspect.  I do feel like an important part and real benefit of the market experience is to have a connection with where your food comes from.  I also truly want to be able to bring our full line of produce to each market. In the past a lot of "stuff" has just gone to the Buying Club and never made its way to the market.

I also have so many ideas and plans that have been ideas and plans for 2 years and have never gotten accomplished.

So in the interest of moving wholeheartedly and full speed ahead into a customer focused, quality driven, happy business I bring you the Market CSA.

This will be a change for a lot of customers however I either met or see/have seen on occasion most of you at one of the farmers markets I attend each week.  As for on-farm pick up customers things will remain pretty much the same with added flexibility.

Market CSA Details   

How it Works:

The reason I started with the Buying Club is because with the standard CSA (community supported agriculture) model you get what you get whether you like it or not. I didn't like that idea. I wanted a better model where you had the freedom to choose what you wanted and when you wanted it. However there were still times when customers would not like certain things or want more of other things. The answer to you getting exactly what you want when you want it and in the quantity you want is the Market CSA.

Members pay at the beginning of the season and receive an advantage based on the amount they wish to contribute to their account.  Robson's Farm vegetables, fruit and flowers are then picked up at one of the farmers markets we attend each week as well as on-farm.

Members shop at the farmers market or our on farm stand using the pre-paid credit in their account. The amount that is spent is recorded and a monthly email is sent with the current account balance.

Account Sizes:
There are 3 account sizes to choose from 

$200 with a 6% ADVANTAGE - account balance starts at $212
$300 with a 10% ADVANTAGE - account balance starts at $330
$400 with a 15% ADVANTAGE - account balance starts at $460
**Payment will be done via PayPal on our website or check (more details coming soon)

  • You can really get exactly the fruit, vegetables, and flowers you want and in the quantity you want. 
  • Spend your total account balance in just a few visits of spread it out over the entire market season. 
  • Come shop when it's convenient for you. No obligation to shop each week. 
  • With the tailgate market comes the face to face interaction with us! Ask questions and get inspiration on how to prepare, store, and best enjoy what we grow!

Where to Shop: 
On our Farm: Thursday, across the street from 30 Rahilly Road Wrightstown, NJ 08562 at the Purple Farm Stand 10 AM - 7 PM

Westmont Farmers Market: Wednesday, 42 Haddon Ave. Haddon Twp., NJ 4 PM - 7 PM

Burlington County Farmers Market: Saturday, 500 Centerton Road Moorestown, NJ 8:30 AM - 1 PM

Point Pleasant Beach Farmers Market: Sunday, 601 Arnold Ave. Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 10AM-2 PM

The Market CSA will Allow us To: 
  • Focus on growing a wider variety of vegetables and flowers
  • Host farm tours and other on farm opportunities
  • Pursue more sustainable farming practices
  • Allow us to bring our full line of produce to each weekly market


  1. I like the idea and can easily adapt to picking up my fruits and veggies at the farm. The only part that makes it a bit harder is plunking down the whole season cost at once. I have to stick to a monthly budget and it's during the late fall thru late spring that I am budgeting monthly for my LBI vacation. :-)
    I was wondering if there could be a $50 monthly buying club fee in addition to the other choices you've listed?

    1. I would definitely consider a lower amount. I'm going to collect all of the feedback and make adjustments from there. Thank you!

  2. Yes, i too like the lower amount or shop at the farm. There are only 2 of us and we do not eat at home every night.

    1. Thanks Marilou! I'm working on adjusting the system as I go. :)

  3. Hi Rose,

    We received our last box today from you. I just wanted to thank you for so many wonderful "gifts" we got in our box each week. We learned about a lot of new veggies and experimented with new recipes and had a lot of fun with just about everything.
    We will definitely see you and Jean next year at the Point Pleasant Beach Farmer's market! Enjoy some down time because Spring will be here before you know it!
    Thank you again, Sharon

  4. Hi Rose,
    Does any remaining balance expire at the end of the season or does it carry over to the next?
    Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Hi Jeff! The remaining balance carries over to the next season. Thank you!

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