Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb pie is my favorite pie.

It's my favorite dessert.

And don't you dare throw strawberries in there because then it will immediately become my least favorite dessert.

I think what makes it that much more exciting is that you can only get rhubarb for a short time...you can have an apple pie literally any time of year.  But trying to find rhubarb outside of the spring is like trying to find a mystical unicorn.  So quickly find yourself some rhubarb and savor each sweet tangy bite.

Rhubarb Pie

1 pie shell, top and bottom 
4 cups rhubarb
1 cup sugar (you can experiment with less too)
1/3 cup flour
a pinch of salt
1 green apple, chopped

Wash and chop rhubarb into small pieces. In a bowl combine rhubarb, sugar, flour, salt and green apple. Stir and let sit for 30 minutes. Add to pie shell and bake at 400 for 50 - 55 minutes or until crust is golden brown.  


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