Thursday, November 24, 2016

"Go Right On"

"Go right on" is actually something my Grandma Joan adopted from my Great Grandmother, Helen who I absolutely wish I knew better. Joan would occasionally say, "You remind me of her a little bit," whenever I would say something slightly inappropriate or tell it like it was in a less than glamorous way.  Helen was also famous for telling a customer who didn't like what she was selling, "The road is wide an it's not crowded."  I think all of us have had a moment when we desperately wished to say the same thing.
However Joan was the stark opposite to Helen and I think the only bad thing I remember her saying about someone was when she called this truly miserable man, "a foul ball." Hysterical.

She was by far my biggest cheerleader if only to say, "go right on" when things weren't going my way. It's sort of like Finding Nemo's, "just keep swimming. swimming. swimming."

This was most certainly a "go right on" type of year.

It was hot.

Extremely hot.

And dry.

Very dry.

Which led to some things not quite turning out as I had planned. But hey, a girl just has to "go right on."

Joan was a huge church goer and made sure that I too was a church goer.  One time I asked her to get on that direct line to Jesus via her ever close rosary beads because I needed it to rain.

She said, "I've been praying for over 50 years for more rain. Less rain. No hail. Warmer days. Colder days. I think God is sick of hearing from me."

To which I said, "Now is not the time to stop!"

There are very few childhood memories that she is not in.

She was pool lifeguard in her white moomoo with giant red strawberry screen printed on the front, chocolate chip cookie baking director, jam maker from the raspberries we would go pick at Mrs. Petit's, totally responsible for my childhood obesity as grandma liked "goodies," crushed ice enthusiast, victim of the "fat free" marketing movement, expert sandwich maker (mine are never ever as good), recipe improvisor (which totally explains why I can never completely follow any recipe), out-to eat partner in crime, and so much more.      

I grew up next to her house on the farm and on Thanksgiving either later after everyone else had left or the next day she'd save the wish bone for me and her.  She said that when she was gone I'd miss her the most. We had a mutual admiration and closeness and I think she is probably right.

So this Thanksgiving save that wish bone and make a good wish.  

I am so excited to be "going right on" to the next season with more fruit options, more flowers, trying some new vegetable offerings and continued passion.

Thank you so very very! much for your support this season and Happy Thanksgiving!  


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