Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pepper Post: Green Chile Peppers

Pepper Post 4: Green Chile Peppers

I have brought back many inspiring things from my Southwestern journey this past winter. I can not say enough wonderful things about the state of New Mexico.

I loved it. I often think about it. It is so rich in color, culture and food (my god the food!).

While in the great state of New Mexico you'll notice literally everything you eat and some of the things you can order to drink have Hatch chiles in it.

And do you know what? New Mexico is the world leader in chile production.

The past few weeks many people have passed the green chiles by.

And it breaks my heart because they're so good. A treat.

Grill them, roast them, make a green chile sauce to accompany eggs, burgers, rice, chicken...and pretty much anything else you're eating.

I can promise you they won't let you down with their mild spice paired with the the perfect pepper taste.

green chile peppers

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