Monday, September 25, 2017

What is Quince? And How to Use It.


Quince have such a pleasing yellow skin. Definitely a candidate for a crayola crayon color name: quince yellow. Perhaps that yellow skin is a indicator..of how tart they are. Lemon like. Astringent. Shaped somewhat like a pear and somewhat like an apple. Interestingly they have a grey fuzz while they're ripening.

They are a pome fruit.

Great you say! I pome fruit!

What in the world is that?

A pome fruit are ones that have a core. So apples and pears are also pome fruit.

So if quince are so tart what do you do with them?

They are rarely eaten raw but when cooked they turn into ambrosia.

Add them into an apple pie to really bring out the flavor of the apples.

When cooked the flesh actually turns pink and takes on a heavenly fragrance mixed with a delicate sweetness.

After cooking you can eat the quince on it's own, add it to a tart and roast, or make quince paste.

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