Saturday, January 13, 2018

Citrus and Dates + Minerals + Floral

Mixing floral and fruit is one of my favorite things to do.

Fruit is so beautiful and presents us with interesting shapes, textures, and a little, "is that an apple in my arrangement?" type situation.

Via instagram I found a new floral supplier...great!....however they are in Rhode Island.

I need very little reason to go visit somewhere. You know those people who only feel moved into travel for events such as weddings, 80th birthday parties, or burial...yea that's not me.

Flowers? Rhode Island? I'm in.

So off I went a few weekends ago to Rhode Island and I'm so happy I did. How refreshing the Floral Reserve is.  They offer retail and wholesale so if you ever find yourself in Providence, Rhode Island go fill your arms with loads of flowers, ferns, air plants, silk ribbon, candles, and much much more. And be prepared people. Pack clean buckets like I did.

So here's what I whipped up with the treats I got in Rhode Island....

Sample bridal bouquet with citrus, cotton, dates, minerals...basically the works! 

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