Monday, February 26, 2018

Peary the Farm Pup

Peary the Farm Puppy

I had been wanting a puppy for years and "shopping" on and off at various shelters and through various breeders.

However I didn't want to actively purchase a dog.

I know that sounds odd. 99.9% of the world decides they would like to add a dog to the family and they actively go to a shelter or find a breeder. They purchase the puppy and bounce home with their new bundle of joy.

My dog growing up, Peaches, just wandered in one day.

This was the same for pretty much every farm cat we ever had, including my Mom's current cat, Benjamin. They were all just found wanderers.


I wanted my new puppy to be fate just like Peaches was.

Peaches literally never ever...not even one time did she ever do wrong. She was saintly. A true lady, my sibling, and best friend. My mom would lock she and I in our giant play pen where we'd play house, race up the steps to the slide and swoosh down, and look for four leaf clovers (well I was looking for clovers, Peaches was listening for moles to dig up).

A few weeks ago I stopped by a new wholesale floral supplier. I was walking around when one of their employees walked in with a pet carrier.

Interesting, I thought.

Then she started pulling out puppies...lots of wiggly little puppies.

One of the ladies working called me over and said, "Rose come hold some puppies...someone get Rose a puppy."

Well needless to say I hustled across the store and snuggled a puppy.

Flowers + Puppies = best day ever!

So two days passed and I kept thinking about how crazy that was that I was simply just checking out a new wholesaler and there were puppies there. So I called the floral supplier and said something along the lines of, "I'm actually calling about puppies not flowers."

And the rest just kind of worked out. I got the very last puppy that was taken for a moment and then available.

Tiffany, who was the owner of the crate-ful of puppies told me just how much it really was fate. She actually took an Uber to work because her dad had the car. She'd been promising to bring the puppies to work for weeks.

So there it was my fateful puppy.

The puppy I'd been hoping for and waiting for.

Once we get crate training and potty training conquered life will be grand but for now I'm just savoring every second of puppy snuggles, puppy naps, chubby puppy tummy, and little puppy feet.  Every time I look at him I'm like I can't believe your mine.


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