Thursday, March 29, 2018

Market CSA Shares Available!

These past few weeks we have been busy in the greenhouse planting all of your favorite things: beefy red tomatoes, peppers, husk cherries, greens and more!

Our Market CSA Enrollment is open for sign ups with spots still here's a little more information about our CSA system.

We work differently than most CSA's:
We don't pack boxes. We used to pack boxes and it wasn't very fun for you or us. With the Market CSA system you shop everything that we have that week and get what you want, in the quantity you want.

How does the money side of it work?
Your account works like a debit type account. Each time you shop we subtract that amount from your account. We'll send you an account balance email every 2 weeks.

Free MONEY!?!
What is that? I get free money on my account? Yes! Yes, you do! It's a little thank you for joining our CSA. We like to call it fun money!
So you pay in $200, your account starts at $212
You pay in $300, you account starts at $330
You pay in $350 and your account starts at $395

So treat yourself! Grab that bouquet of flowers or that succulent or even use your "fun money" to try something've never tried a husk cherry? Well grab some in late July.

No commitment to shop each week: 
Shop when you want to and spend as much or as little as you want on each visit. This is great for both of us because you don't have to remember to tell us you're going on vacation and I don't have to remember that you are on vacation as with pre-boxed share system.

Why join a CSA?
Really it's a way to help your friendly, freckle faced farmer lady with capital. In farming the most amount of capital is needed when there is no money coming in the door.  So in supporting a CSA (ours or anyone else's) you're helping them have the necessary capital to get the ball rolling and grow some really great stuff for you!

Sounds interesting? 
Go check out the CSA Share page: HERE

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