Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Produce, Fruit and Flower Availability For Week of June 18

I am going to try out posting our availability of we'll have at the Purple Farmstand and the Farmers Markets here each week. 

Just a small disclaimer that sometime quantities are limited so we may not have everything at every market.

Also I'm going to give you a joke each week because I love jokes and this is a boring blog post otherwise.

Weekly Joke:
Q. What do you call a blueberry playing the guitar?
A. A jam session

So here we go:

nj hot house tomatoes
curly kale
dinosaur kale
red kale
gold zucchini (limited)
blueberries (starting thursday afternoon)
flat leaf parsley
mini lettuce
fava beans
yellow yarrow
pastel yarrow
chinese forget-me-nots (limited)
mixed bouquets

Coming soon: broccoli, kohlrabi, and napa cabbage

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