Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fresh Strawberries + Booze = Bliss

The house I grew up in on the farm had no air conditioning.  That's right folks....absolutely no cold air circulating in my home at all! So of coarse we kept every window in the house open.

I can distinctly remember coming home one night when I was in high school to a house filled with giggles and loud talking that I could hear from half way down our drive way.  I thought what in the world is going on!

When I got in the house I found several flats of freshly picked strawberries all over the counter, my mom minding the blender - and funnelling in tequila, and a room filled with farm wives having a ball!

The moral of this story is that everything is better with fresh ingredients - including adult beverages!  Although we don't have strawberries this year (stay tuned for next year) there are many incredible growers in the area to supply you or go pick you own. 

So here's a recipe link and photo from Baking Bites Blog.  Enjoy!

Fresh Strawberry Margaritas

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