Thursday, August 8, 2013

Getting Egged

I am so excited to add Eggs to the Buying Club offering.  This is something I thought of in the beginning but put it on the back burner because my thought was: you work too hard to just be a middle man.  Being the "middle man" in farming is kind of a sensitive issue.  If you buy in items and take them to a tailgate market it is really frowned upon.  Especially if you take one of the "Big 3" (corn, peaches, and tomatoes).  These items are very labor intensive to grow and cost an incredible amount of capital - so it is important that people who take all the risk by actually growing the items set the prices and get the rewards.  If you just buy in - you take on no risk...and what is farming with out the risk?!?

So I had this feeling about it the right thing to do?  Do I really want to be a middle man - the risk-free type.  And then I came to terms with my decision by thinking of it this way.....

I have ALWAYS loved farm animals.  And man....I have the pictures to prove it.  I started competitive horseback riding when I was 8 and was completely in love with horses (I still am...just no time to ride).  I started in 4-H (if you have no idea what that's like girl/boyscouts for farm kids) with my very first Southdown Dorset Cross lamb named Kissy (born on Valentine's day).  My humble little herd grew from there and I raised grass pastured lamb before "grass pastured" was trendy.  Why? Because I am absolutely passoinate about the fact that livestock should have grass and rolling hills and space to be what nature intended them to be.

Kissy, Duchess and I
By starting as the middle man I can (hopefully) raise the capital so I can be the "main man"...or main lady in my case.  I would love to have chickens and I have an obsession with cows - to point where when I lived in the midwest I would pull over at cow fields and just stare at them.  I think it's because I begged for a cow when I was little and my parents said no...that I had sheep and a horse.  The worse thing on earth to do is tell me no....because sooner or later I'll find a way to do it.

I hope you guys enjoy the eggs! I know I will be keeping 2 dozen a week for myself.  Egg love!

So here's the scoop on the eggs:
Farm Fresh Brown Eggs No Antibiotics
No Exposure to Pesticides
No Exposure to Herbicides
No Growth Hormones
High Omega 3s

They enjoy the freedom to run, pick grass, lie in
the sunshine and scratch in the dirt.

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