Monday, August 5, 2013

Peach Patience

This is a short little post because I need to get my booty out to the field and stop doing back work!

However this is a post that is extremely important to successfully enjoying the peaches you purchase from me and also important to me - so I don't lose my mind with worry!

There are not many things that really get me fired up but here's the two that do: Peaches that get eaten when they aren't ripe and the misconception that Organic farmers don't spray!  I'm sticking to peaches on this post. 

White Nectarine, White Peach, Yellow Peach

I love to pick field ripened peaches...however if I do that they get bruised in transit from the picking bag I use in the field (a giant red bag that goes across my body that allows me to pick on the move - then I empty it into a big picking bin or's quite a handy little thing).  Not many people want to purchase a bruised peach unless the are immediately running home to bake.  The subject of field ripened peaches also leads to small domestic disputes between my Mom and I.  Her opinion....there's money on those trees, so turn it into cash - don't wait for them to field ripen and then bruise and then not be able to sell them.  And I say....but they're so yummy! Rest easy....I do lots of quality assurance sampling while I'm out there picking.

That said most peaches or nectarines you receive will need a few days to ripen.  Just set them on your counter and wait.  Don't refrigerate! We try to never refrigerate because I feel that it affects the ripening process negatively.  I know...I want to run home and eat a peach but the rewards are great if you give them a few days. 

I was told by one person that he went home and immediately ate one of our yellow peaches and "pretended that he liked it."  He put them to the side for two days and tried again - it was perfection!

I almost always pick the day before a market or buying club delivery so plan on a solid two days before you attempt eating.  The picture below is of peaches I would eat today. They aren't pretty but they are yum in your tum delish!

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