Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Big Tribute to a Little Tomato and our First Photo Contest.. So....Grab Your Smart Phone or Camera

Little tomatoes...totally snack-able, totally adorable, and totally addicting.  When I was planning for this year I knew I wanted to make up mixed pints of "little tomatoes"....and in doing so I tried to pick unique colors, sizes, and shapes to create an eye catching and palette pleasing combination.  They turned out to be a hit and something I will absolutely do next year...with a few added varieties...ohhh the excitement. 

What I love most about the little tomato pints is that they, more than any other item I sell inspired a lot of photography.  I can not tell you how much I love to be tagged, emailed, or sent messages with pictures of your creations.

Late one night I was doing my final email check before lights out and came across an email from Jesse.  His dad had picked up some little tomatoes at the farmers' market that weekend and they had used them in a dish at their restaurant.  I didn't know at the time who Jesse's Dad had been until I remembered a man who said, "I'll take all of the pints of little tomatoes you have on display." 
Immediately a loud voice from behind him said, "Oh no you don't! I'm taking at least one!" 
I laughed and and assured that customer I had more carefully stowed beneath the table.     

I was (and still am) absolutely stunned by the pictures he sent me....

Drum roll.....

Now that your mouth is watering...

I can not thank Jesse enough for sending me those photos...gorgeous! 

Here are some other great photos from some totally fabulous is so gratifying to see the finished product!
Picture sent by Joe M.

Photos by: Sara B.

Photo by: Jen S.
Photography became a passion while I was living in Chicago.  Since I have a constant need to be doing something I started taking classes in an effort to meet people and occupy my many hours of free time. After lots of sewing classes I decided to jump into photography.  I went out and bought a Nikon D90, two lenses and enrolled in Richard Strombergs Photography Classes.  Where I continued to take classes until I moved back to South Carolina.  I am so thankful that I took those classes...first of all...Richard is like the Dos Equis Beer Man...he has a million interesting stories to tell.  Secondly what a great skill!  It's quite handy to be able to do your own photography.
I have been hearing a lot of customers saying, "Oh it's almost over"...."You're winding down"...and then lots of questions as to when the markets end.  Well friends, we still have a little while and many delicious items to enjoy.  All of the tailgate markets go all the way through October and the Buying Club will go that far and I'm thinking (depending on the weather) well into November.  So I want you to inspire each other to keep eating/preparing local farm fresh food.
Here's the deal: We are going to do a photo contest in which you can submit as many photos as you would like.  The photo must include at least one vegetable item from a farmers' market purchase or Buying Club box.  I will accept pictures starting tomorrow October 4 through October 20 (only 17 days so get snapping!).  Winners will be announced Monday October 21.
Photos will be judged on general composition of picture, creativity of the prepared dish and prevalence of Veggies!
What's a competition with out prizes! There will be a prize awarded for 1st and 2nd prize...and they'll be good too!
Submit Pictures:  
Submit via email attachment: (please put the word "picture" in the subject line) or send us the photo via Facebook.  Pictures will be added to an album on our Facebook and you will be given credit.
Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!  

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