Monday, October 7, 2013

Honey Pickled Beets with Onions

Oh my infatuation with beets has only grown with my recent pickling experience.  I have said many times...if I could only farm one item I would choose beets.  No matter what your feelings about their "earthy" flavor you can't deny...they are....pretty. I often find myself having a hard time with the "earth" flavor so I am really looking forward to digging into these Beet Pickles....because let's be real...pickling makes things better!
This is a recipe by Camille Storch.  There is lots to love about this recipe: honey, apple cider vinegar, and onions (I am a huge onion fan!).

I used Chioggia Heirloom beets (hot pink with white spiral...meow!) and Bull's Blood beets which are a really nice red beet with deep red greens. 

Honey Pickled Beets
By Camille Storch

10 lbs Beets
2 medium sized onions
8 cups cider vinegar
4 cups water
2 cups honey
1 tbs salt
6 tbs pickling spice

Sterilize 6 quart jars and prepare your canning pot.

Peel and slice onions and evenly divide between jars.

Wash the beets, and trim off the beet greens leaving about an inch to help control bleeding (loss of color). Boil the whole beets until fork tender. Allow them to cool a little and remove outside skin and chop off remaining beet greens and roots.  

Cut the beets into wedges or slices, and pack them into jars, leaving 1/2" headspace.  I either put down a piece of aluminum foil or peel the beets on a cookie sheet to contain the red 4th of July fireworks explosion of red juice. 

Add 1 tablespoon of pickling spice to each quart jar (1 1/2 teaspoon per pint jar).

In pot, bring vinegar, water, honey, and salt to a boil.  Pour brine into jars leaving 1/2 headspace.

Remove air bubbles, wipe rims, and fasten lids.

Process for 30 minutes.


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