Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Waking Up at 2:45 AM = Best Christmas Morning...Ever!

At just past 3 AM the world was quiet.  I didn't even feel the sharp chill of the 15 degree morning as I scampered to my truck.  It took me a solid 15 minutes before I saw another car on the road, but it's mornings like this that I love.  It's the same quietness at 5 A.M. on the farm and the same still on Sundays when I used to walk to 8 AM mass when I lived in Chicago.  

But why in the hell was I awake at 3 AM on Christmas morning?  No, I was not stalking Santa or late night snacking....

After church and dinner on Christmas Eve I settled on the couch for a little work...looking through a few seed catalogs and checking emails.  As I was wading through emails I opened a newsletter from a local dairy farm...and I had to read it twice and then I just couldn't wipe the smile off of my face.  The email invited customers to come milk cows on Christmas Morning!
I thought is this real? 

And then I just couldn't stop myself from being incredibly as excited as the women on Oprah that one episode where she gave everyone a new car...minus the screaming and crying.  

The only catch: I had to wake up at 2:45 A.M.

Milking started at 4:30 so I wanted to have enough time to wake up, layer on clothes, and eat a little something before heading out the door...not to mention the farm is almost an hour from my house.  

I didn't even need an alarm clock.  I woke up a 2:30 and was practically bouncing off the walls.  You see, I love cows.  I am obsessed with cows. I just think they are not only beautiful, they are so lovable.  Who doesn't love cow kisses? 

My obsession with them stems from my years in 4-H.  I had sheep and asked (it was really begging) my parents for a cow.  My wish was not granted and since I don't believe in the word "No" I will have cows one day...mark my words!
So this just might have been the best Christmas morning of my life.  I pulled into the dairy shortly before the owners and staff.  I jumped out of my truck as soon as everyone arrived and said, "I got your email and I'm here to milk cows!"  At first I think everyone thought I was nuts...just clinically insane! 

They let me help in the milking process and could not have been more wonderful and welcoming.  After years of working with sheep and horses I felt pretty at home in the barn.
Let me take a moment to talk about the barn...particularly the smell.  I love the smell of a barn.  Growing up I spent almost every waking moment in the barn so it's a comfort smell...a sweet smell.  I know that may sound odd considering most people are repulsed by even a slight smell of  manure but it's much more than's the smell of sweet hay and feed, paired with new born babies, and crisp countryside air. 

I am still "high" from milking cows...just tickled.  I am so thankful I got to spend Christmas morning with cows! 

Fulper Farms has some very loved cows and great dairy products as I've mentioned in a previous post.  Their ricotta cheese is perfection! So the next time you need yogurt, mozzarella, or ricotta look them up and support your local dairy farm!  

Merry Christmas! 

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