Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Apple Trees Planted

the apple orchard

This afternoon we planted the apple trees, on what one year ago was part of the peach orchard.  All I have to say is thank goodness for the man who invented the post hole digger! That man is both a gentleman and scholar and saved me a whole lot of digging!

It's pretty wild that a little stick (literally a stick) grows into a big fruit producing machine with an awesomely long life span...these trees could outlive me!

So they're planted and now we wait....we wait about 5 don't hold your breath but it's still something I'm pretty excited about.  I just think about how special it will be when I (finally) have my very first apple.

Mom and I

holes for the tree
planted baby apple trees


  1. Good stuff Rose! The blue skies and clouds look unreal in that last pic, crazy. What's the rest of the plan for that chunk of orchard? Plant some grass and clover in strips? Some cover crops? Honey!? I hope that your kale is growin good, mine is pretty blah with the cool temps and winds that we have been having. Let the sun shine.

    1. The plan for the rest of orchard area is to fill in with a cover crop this year and then add more apples next year to go the full length across...and maybe a few more rows down. We planted 12 rows to start. I'd also love to get a bunch of raspberries going...but we'll see how it goes. Funny you ask about the kale...I've been having a tough time with one variety but the rest look good. Good luck!


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