Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Asparagus Slaw

Asparagus is the first vegetable we have on our farm in the spring.  It seems to appear over day you walk by and nothing and the next, you've got a whole field of little spears standing tall.  It's such a versatile vegetable: cooked, raw, with eggs, roasted, in ribbons, wrapped in bacon, in soup and in slaw!

Here's my take on a really easy spring slaw.

Purple Asparagus Slaw

1 Head red cabbage
1 Medium sized carrot
1 bunch (1 lb.) Purple (or green) asparagus
1/3 cup Red wine vinegar
3 tablespoons Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

Slice your cabbage into manageable pieces (I usually do quarters) and using a grater, grate cabbage into fine pieces.  Peel and grate carrot.  For thick spears of asparagus slice in half length wise and slice again into fork-able pieces.  For thin asparagus just slice into bite size pieces being sure to remove any of the tough bottom portion of the stalk.

Add all vegetable ingredients to a large bowl.  Measure olive oil and vinegar and give a good whisk.  Pour over prepared vegetables and stir to combine.  Add salt and pepper.

Slaw is always better if it has a little time to rest.  Make 1 day head or at least allow a few hours before eating.  Stir before serving.


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