Thursday, November 27, 2014


sunset over the brusselsprouts

I was picking peaches this past season when one of my friends, Rachel, called to ask what I knew about preparing pork. I told her I recently had a conversation with one of my farmers' market customers about the preparation tactics for a pork butt (my sorority sister Emily would most certainly be proud).

And then I went on to tell her about another customer when she stopped me and said, "You're so lucky. You get to know so many cool people."

So many cool people, indeed! 

I get to know you through emails, notes in the comments section on your Buying Club orders, conversations at the farmers' market and bare footed front step chatter on delivery day.

I love your stories. I love your should grow this or have you ever thought of that or "Do you read the New York Times Wednesday food articles? __________ is so trendy right now." 

You are inspiring, creative, and a pretty darn fun bunch of folks. 

Yes, I teach you by answering questions and through blog posts (at least I hope I do a little bit) but it is a beautiful two way street. Each of you is a teacher too.  I am a firm believer that every interaction no matter how small is meaningful and impactful.  I mean....with out you I wouldn't know what nutritional yeast is or what a kiwi berry is (and that I should totally get on board and grow them) and what sorrel tastes like. 

I have gotten so many fantastically thoughtful gifts: tomato sauce, peach jam, Kombucha, kiwi berries, beet berry jam, green tomato relish, soup, pizza dough, seeds, sorrel, a heavenly maple bacon donut, wine, a beautiful scarf and more. 

I am so touched that you think of me and think to share the incredible things you create with what I grow. 

It's an amazing feeling to be able to share your passion. It's even more amazing to be able to make a living doing what you are passionate about.  And it's the most amazing that you guys are willing to and get exciting to try some of the more "out of the box" things I like to grow (i.e. husk cherries and tigger melons).

I was telling a Saturday market regular about wanting to grow this and that. To that, the shopper said, "There's always a dreamer."

And that, I certainly am.
A dreamer....
Bright colors and of vegetables you can't find just anywhere.
A quality product and a meaningful relationship.
Diversifying and trying everything at least once.
Making food fun.
And since I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such inspiring, creative, and  fun people you dream with me. 

Rachel couldn't have been more right.  I am so lucky.

I am so very lucky to have the help and support of so many great people behind the scenes.  And I am so lucky to have such incredibly customers.  

Thank you.

Thank you for being part of this incredible season.

Happy Thanksgiving!      

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  1. Rose, Thank YOU for being so enthusiastic about what you do and sharing stories about your life with us. That's what keeps us coming back to you. Also, thank you for being an inspiration to those of us that wish to leave our day jobs some day to pursue our calling on a farm. Now, where's those seed catalogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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