Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pink Pumpkin Donation and Future Donations

Thank you to everyone who bought a pink pumpkin via the Buying Club or at the Farmers' Market.  As I said $5 of each pumpkin sold will go the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation.

One person gave me a $10 and told me to donate the the grand total to be donated and mailed tomorrow is $168.

I was talking to a friend who saw me carrying an armful of pink pumpkins into a gym. He mentioned some other MS, ALS, etc.  Then I said there's even a lot of non-medical causes like: NJ Farmers' Against Hunger.  Two more examples in the farming community are the American Farmland Trust and FarmAid.

It got me thinking and here's what I propose: each year I'll grow a "fun" pumpkin variety (I'll try to mix it up as much as possible) and a portion of the sales of that type of pumpkin will go toward a cause.

I'll take suggestions from you guys for groups or organizations....choose one and donate.  Sounds swell right?!

Let's not do good. Let's do great!


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