Friday, January 30, 2015

Convention Season: Mid Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Growers Convention

lots of literature and business cards and catalogs

I love convention season. I think it's fun to see seeds sales reps and our Buying Club box vendor and our apple tree suppliers to say Hi!

It's a great way to network and learn a few new things. For example one of the certified organic pesticides we use has never really worked well. I actually hate the product. So I asked the rep about it. He said do you know the pH of your water? Weird question I thought. But alas if they pH of your water isn't in a certain range the product will have less efficacy. Ahhh learning.

The MidAtlantic Fruit and Vegetable Growers convention was my first meeting of the season. In a few days I head off to my next convention so stay tuned for pictures!

Here's some shots from the MidAtlantic show:

a personal goal of mine is to grow better onions this year
apples everywhere...many of the large nurseries through out the country attend this show including our apple source Adams Co. Nursery

blueberry bushes
lots of very large commercial equipment.  the thing with those arms is used to thin peach blossoms in the spring
you can't visit Hershey, PA with out getting some chocolate...i promised Grandma a chocolate bar


  1. I am sooooo jealous of you Rose. Keep posting pics of the shows you go to! I'd love to be in your shoes. Have a blast.

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