Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Vegetables: You Choose Them. We Deliver Them.

peas, peaches, golden beets, carrots, butterhead lettuce 

It's that time of year to join our Buying Club! 

So what's the deal with this Buying Club?
 Who's it for? 
Is it just like a CSA? 

....Are questions I get often and I am here to provide you with answers!
And then...I hope you'll join us.  

eggplant, artichoke, husk cherries, tigger melon, lima beans, golden midget heirloom watermelon, heirloom tomatoes

What's the deal with this Buying Club? 

Our buying club is an opportunity for you to have the freedom to choose the fruits and vegetables you get each week or enjoy the element of surprise with out an entire season commitment upfront (unless you're into that...we offer a full season with 4 flex weeks). Above all I want to provide you with safe and healthy food that you enjoy and that's FUN!  

You can also choose to have your items delivered to your house for a flat fee of $4.99, pick up on the farm or pick up at one of the tailgate markets we go to each week. 

Who's the Buying Club for? 
  • People who want to support and buy locally but want to do it on their terms
  • People who have a garden but need to fill in with what they can't/aren't growing like peaches!
  • People who love the idea of delivery and coming home from work to fresh veggies waiting for them on the front steps.
  • People who are in need of an office gift (welcome back or congrats on your promotion), a hostess gift, a welcome to the neighborhood gift, etc.  These are available 7 days a week with 48 hours notice. 
Is it just like a CSA? 

Well yes and no...yes, in the respect that you're supporting a local farm and farm family.  We are not like a CSA in that you choose: what, how often, and where.  So if you're a small family, one person, a home gardener, someone who travels often or someone who may just want a week off from cooking every once in a while we're a fun option that you'll look forward to.  

With us, order a month subscription and then take a week off. Or order week to week choosing your own items. Or maybe you're making peach jam this week and need 8 quarts of peaches. You can order 8 quarts of peaches.

The Buying Club runs from June-Thanksgiving. 

Head over to our webpage and check out more Buying Club page details and to join HERE!
Visit our online store to purchase your first week, month, 
or season (season includes 4 flex weeks) HERE!


  1. Great pics Rose! U have onions or kale started in greenhouse yet?

    1. Thank you! Nothing started yet but in the next two weeks I'll start onions, celery and cerliac, onions, and snapdragons. Very exciting!

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  6. cool, please guidance so that I can create a blog like yours


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