Tuesday, January 13, 2015

On Your Plate in 2015

So it's seed selection time...some are already ordered. Other orders are sitting in the shopping cart as I make final revisions and others have yet to be finished. Out of curiosity I always love to look at "lists" that predict everything about the new year...especially, since I'm in the food business: food lists.

So after looking looking through a few lists predicting the "top" or "most trendy" foods I was pleasantly surprised by a few, shocked by some (insects in food as added protein were on several lists), and interested to research some others (farro and some of the grains on many of lists I think deserve farmers' attention).

Here's a list...of the "lists":

1. So all the "lists" agree on 2 things: fermented foods (I mean who doesn't love a good pickle...or sauerkraut) and fats/butter.  My question is when was butter ever on the "out?"

now for the vegetables (in no particular order).....

  • Cabbage

MindBodyGreen looks into the crystal ball and says we'll be seeing more and more cabbage at restaurants.  You know I'm over joyed by this since cabbage is at the top of my favorite vegetable list.

  • Peas

TIME says as people look for more protein in their diet peas are a great non-GMO option to fulfill that need. I have said it before...I live on shelling peas in the spring.  Eating them though out the day, all day during the spring. There are few things more delicious to me than a fresh shelling pea.

  • Vegetable "Mash-Ups"
Entrepreneur takes a look at vegetable crosses like Kalettes (kale crossed with brussels sprouts) or Broccoflower (broccoli crossed with cauliflower) to be trendy.

  • Cauliflower
People asked Pinterest for the top food trends and cauliflower made the list.  Cauliflower is such a versatile vegetable.  Plain, as rice, as pizza crust and the list goes on...just check out Pinterest for proof.  A friend of mine actually told me it's her secret ingredient in her pumpkin pie. Who know?!

Also on lists are grains like Millet and Farro and a rise in demand for local meats.

I think 2015 will be an exciting year to see what our customers are seeking out to prepare. 

Home cooks are some of the most inventive, curious, and brave food creators out there...I know because you tell me about your food adventures each week!

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