Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kalette Quiche

kalettes off the stalk
Kalettes which where originally introduced as Flower Sprouts which I liked to call Krussels (such a fun word) are what the professional rankers of the world are saying will be in the top "trendy vegetables" of 2015...some actually put in the top 10 of 2014.  Recently I have seen Kalettes popping up here and there - I actually saw them on The Kitchn's instagram way back in early spring. 

I still had a few left in the field so before it became nightmare-ishly cold I picked an armful and off to the house I went. 

kalettes on the stalk
While Kalettes are a cross between brussels sprouts and kale I think they taste more brussels sprout than kale.  But they are really nice satueed like kale or paired with bacon like brussels sprouts.

Due to my recent egg farming operation I had a surplus of "ugly" eggs in the fridge. So what other option did I have than to make a quiche?

Kalette Quiche

9 eggs
1/2 cup milk
3 strips of bacon, cooked until crispy and bacon grease saved
salt and pepper
1-2 stalks of Kalettes
1 pie crust

Either make your favorite scratch crust or grab a frozen pie shell.

Cook bacon until crispy. Set to the side on a paper towel.

You're going to cook your kalettes in the same pan as the bacon. You want to have about 2-3 tablespoons of bacon grease for cooking the Kalettes so if there's too much spoon some out.

After washing and snapping the little kalettes from the stalk saute in the "bacon pan" until they are tender.

Whisk eggs with milk, salt and pepper. Pour into pie shell. Crumble the bacon into the egg mixture. And finally add your cooked Kalettes.

Bake for 35 minutes at 350.


  1. Rose, these are really cool. I couldn't figure out how they were grown when I saw them at market the first time. I thought that they were kale seedlings that didn't have time to mature, but the base of them was really thick, I was totally confused. They are tasty and a snap to sauté up in a minute. I guess they are all a long season fall harvested crop....and no way to overwinter for a super early spring harvest. Im lookin for more veg to overwinter to get a head start in spring...like sprouting broccoli which was a flop this year.

    1. Try the purple sprouting broccoli from baker creek heirloom seeds! It looks good although I haven't tired it. Leeks and spinach are your best bet...also if you leave kale to over winter...you get Kale Rabe. Just like Broccoli Rabe only from kale. Yum! There are a lot of items that are cold hardy down to 10 degrees. Stay tuned I'm going to put out a post sometime soon about cold hardy items.


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