Friday, April 17, 2015

Plug Mob

plug trays in the greenhouse

This Saturday I will be at the Haddon Twp. Green Market which is held in the Westmont Theatre Parking Lot off of Haddon Ave.  This is an early market but one that officially kicks of the season. May the beautiful craziness begin.

Due to the earliness of this event I'm going to "Plug Mob" it.

What's that? 

Plug Mob = plug flats + a mob of excited people

So plug trays are the smallest size space that we seed into. Then the little plants are transplanted somewhere larger like another flat or right into the field. Plug trays are a big space saver.  A lot of plants in a very small space.

With plugs there is also always some extras...partial trays. Or in some cases (shame on me for not doing more thorough math) whole trays.

Why get excited? 

Plugs are so inexpensive you might find yourself overwhelmed. Also plugs take the trouble of starting seeds at home with limited light and direct heat source away.

On Your End.... 

Plugs can be planted now if you are going to take great care and maintain a regular watering schedule.

Or use the cups provided, fill them with dirt, plant the little pug in the cup and when the roots have filled the new container (about 2 weeks) it can go outside.

Most of all this is a way to really experiment, play, and try new things...I mean why not, right?


  1. AWESOME. Another great idea Rose, way to think outside the club box, olololollolooOLOlolololooOl, haha. Cool pic too. It's always great to see a new post! I'm in.

    1. I can't take full credit for the idea...I saw it on Instagram from a farm in CA. There's is a little different but it's a brilliant idea!

  2. Actually that is the Haddon Township Farmers Market (next to the old Westmont Theatre).

    1. Thank you! I changed it in the post. I also spelled "plug" wrong originally. I was trying to write this in the very early morning hours and kept falling back asleep. Oops!

  3. So do you seed those small plug trays by hand or is there a tray that fits on top that has openings? I always wondered how that's done. THanks!

    1. Some things I seed by hand like the heirloom tomatoes because I grow so many peppers too. Weirdly shaped seeds like Calendula also seed by hand. But most things I run through the seeder or our neighbor runs smaller flats through for me on their seeder. Check out this video I took last spring to see the seeder in action:

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