Thursday, December 3, 2015

8 Farm and Local Christmas Gift Ideas

Since I love those lists of Christmas gift ideas I will share my annual list with you....

1. A gift that is a STELLAR choice for anyone living in and around the Northern Burlington High School ascending towns, Moorestown, Haddonfield, and Point Pleasant Beach a membership to our Market CSA program! Link to information and a terribly festive video by me: HERE
our very own yellow peaches

2. It's Simply Local Boxes are a fantastic way to experience New Jersey products.  You can purchase individual products or try gorgeous gift boxes filled with a group of home town goods.

3. Rachel Weston's Book, "New Jersey Fresh: Four Seasons of Farm to Table" is a detailed resource for anyone who not only loves cooking but loves the farmers market experience.

4. Some absolutely stunning chocolates from my friends at MECHA make the perfect stocking stuffer.  Melissa goes to the Burlington County Farmers Market with us on Saturdays and anytime I have ever gotten her chocolates they usually don't make it home. Delicious art is what they are!  

5. I met the maker of these necklaces at one of the farmers markets I attend. And it all started by me saying, "I love your necklace." When Rachel replied, "I make these." I was like, I need one now!  Go check out ARCJewelry on Etsy. "10% of your purchase will be donated directly to Hekima Place, a safe and loving home in Kenya for girls whose lives have been devastated by the AIDS virus or the effects of poverty. The girls are also sent to local schools and universities in order to continue their educational experience." 
photo from ARC Jewelry's Etsy Page (comes in a bunch of different colors)
6. For most of my life I have not eaten lamb. Why? Well for many years lambs were my friends and not food. Indeed, I was in sheep 4-H and proudly showed my woolen friends at the county fair each year. However in more recent years I have found myself considering lamb as an option for my meat selection at meal time. This was mostly inspired by the adorable owner of Little Hooves Romney's.  I realize a block of frozen meat is a totally "out the box" gift idea but these days people are rarely surprised. Pulling a package papered in red and green out the freezer for that's surprising!
Little Hooves lamb chops cooked up by me

7. I love what a little salt can do to a dish. Mmmmm! Check out this local hand harvested salt from the Cape May Sea Salt Co.

8. As most of you know I'm pretty high energy, extremely giggly....and don't need the effects of caffeine to jump start, sustain, or prolong my day.  However sometimes I crave the taste of coffee and think I am extremely lucky to know 2 local roasters who are incredibly talented. For the coffee enthusiast in your life grab some beans from Harvest Coffee in Medford, NJ and Revolution Coffee Roasters in Collingswood, NJ

Lastly consider giving while you shop for things like electronics, movies, Rachel Weston's book that I mentioned above.  By shopping on various popular sites like Amazon a portion of the proceeds are given to the NJ Ag Society through Shop for a Cause.


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