Sunday, December 24, 2017

Floral + Wings for Wild Game Night

I've recently become fascinated with feathers.

A feather phase if you will.

I was visiting my friends farm the afternoon after he went duck hunting....and he showed me the wings of the duck.  I was so taken by them. Nature is the ultimate artist.  Isn't it?

As if the stars aligned one of my friends was hosting a "wild game" night and I could barely contain my excitement!

The perfect moment for the duck wing centerpiece.

The most perfect moment.

Wild game night was incredibly fun and exceptionally delicious. We feasted on about 7 tasting courses of sika deer, NJ clams, bear, and a grand finale or buffalo alligator.

my favorite tasting of the night: sika deer and mushrooms over a bed of arugala

buffalo alligator

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