Thursday, December 14, 2017

Agricultural and Interesting Holiday Gifting Ideas

So it's crunch time. Hanukkah has begun and Christmas is right around the corner.  

I love interesting food/botanical gifts as much as I love supporting my fellow friends in agriculture. 

Here's a little list that I'm sure will surprise and put smiles on faces.

Yes, I'll do some shameless self promotion.  Give the gift of tree ripened peaches, sweet watermelon, broccoli the size of your face and more!  

No pre-boxed CSA shares here. You shop, using your debit type account getting exactly what you want in the quantity you want at our purple farmstand or at a tailgate market. For example grab 2 quarts of peaches, 3 ears of corn, 3 tomatoes, and a zucchini. We record the dollar amount spent and subtract it from your account. Easy!

Everyone who signs up before February 1 gets an additional $20 added to their account on us!

everything pictured grown at our farm

I think of Arizona often and can't wait to get back there. In the mean time I'll be enjoying Arizona oranges shipped from the sweet folks at the Orange Patch. I loved visiting their operation last winter and can vouch that fresh citrus from this family farm will not disappoint. 

Interestingly the main part of their business is shipping citrus to single family homes across the U.S.

orange tree at the Orange Patch in Mesa, AZ

3. Fat Toad Caramel

A teacher at the local highschool one day was like I have these friends from highschool that started a goat's milk caramel company. You should check them out. And all I can say is YUM! This caramel is really top notch so grab yourself a bowl of ice cream. add some caramel on top and hunker down for a taste of heaven.

4. PawPaw Pulp

Ok this one is for a real foodie. Give them a gift of being able to try our nations largest native fruit. Frozen PawPaw pulp from Integration Acres in Ohio can be used to make ice cream, bread, pudding, (a bread pudding perhaps), smoothie and more! They also sell pawpaw Popsicles too!

pawpaw fruit

5. Botanical Fragrance, Bath and Body from Zoet Bathlatier 

I found Zoet when visiting a new floral shop in philly that also boasts an awesome gift section.  I spied their products on the shelf and fell in love with the roll on perfume. All products are botanical inspired and will delight any plant nerd for sure.

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