Friday, December 8, 2017

Mushroom Bouquet

king mushrooms
I enjoy mushrooms.

I find them interesting.

But I never really thought about them in a floral sense until I was talking to a mushroom farmer.  We were at a tailgate market just making small talk among vendors when it came up...when are you getting married?  I said to him, can I do you wedding flowers to which he replied, "what are you going to make? A mushroom bouquet?"

Yes. Obviously I can make a mushroom bouquet.

What a fun challenge to make a mushroom bouquet. 

At first I thought whites and then as I studied the mushrooms...looking at the creams, and browns, and toasted reds I formulated a new idea. I definitely plan to make a few more mushroom bouquets experimenting with colors.  I can't wait!

This was an eye opening moment. Now the challenge is what's going to be my next "mushroom" (creative, odd, bazaar) item to include in an arrangement.

Mushrooms from a fellow farmers market vendor

mushroom bridal bouquet

what i love most about this shot is the mushroom at the top where you can see the whole shroom...stem and all! 

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