Friday, October 5, 2018

Dried Flower Catalog 2018

2018 Dried Flower Catalog

For Ordering and pricing
or (609)-743-8264

(aka Winged Everlasting)

Flamingo Celosia Light Pink/White

Gomphrena, Lavender

(dried Marigolds are delicate and prone to losing petals if not handled with love. Highly recommend shellac or some other sealant)

Mixed Strawflowers Not Wired


Rat Tail Statice (really unique pink/lavender color)

Bunny Tails (short stem length that’s only suitable for mixed bouquets if you tape on skewers)
Perfect for wreaths!

We eventually started cutting the whole plant so some bunches have mixed stem lengths. If you don’t want these guys please specify.
Mixed Length Bunny Tails
Green Highlander Millet

White Cotton

Peach Cotton

More Coming Soon:
Dark Purple Gomphrena
White Gomphrena
Pale Pink Gomphrena
Sweet Annie
Yellow Strawflower bunches
Apricot Strawflower bunches


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